CoachingSchool Amsterdam offers in-company training and education in professional coaching.

Our aim is to be a trusted partner for organisations and individuals who want to further develop their coaching abilities. We do this by offering coaching training and services related to creating a coaching culture.

We are driven by love for the coaching profession and would like to contribute to coaches having a solid education and continuing to develop professionally. In order to provide this sound basis, our training courses are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.


For all of our programmes we identify in advance the specific questions and needs of our clients and participants. We offer customised programmes. We hereby pay attention that participants can translate what they have learned into their own practice.


Coaching is just like swimming. You can only learn it by doing it a lot and getting it demonstrated. That’s why we attach great importance to practising. Participants will coach each other. This also offers the experience of being coached – which is essential to learning the craft as well.

Small groups

We want to be able to work intensively with all participants and we think it is important that everyone receives ample individual attention from the trainers. For this reason, we work in our courses with groups of up to 14 participants and two trainers.