In-company training “Coaching in the Corporate Context”


A training programme specially designed for leaders and internal coaches or external coaches working in the organisational context.

Building effective co-operation in teams and supporting continuous employee development requires both leadership and coaching. More and more organisations see the value of developing a coaching culture. They want to deploy their internal coaches in the most effective way. At the same time, they want their leaders and managers to have good coaching skills. Acquiring these skills and the corresponding mindset allows them – within established company policies – to unleash the talents of their employees, to optimise their processes and thus, to realise the organisational goals.

Coaching is a profession with clearly identified theoretical foundations, specific competencies and a precise professional attitude. Also for internal coaches, it is vital to learn these and to truly coach.

In the course of this learning path, many questions crop up. What is coaching and what is advising? How does one know which of the two is appropriate? How to manage the interests of the person you coach, as well as the interests of all the stakeholders in the organisation? The training addresses these and other questions. We work also on combining – and distinguishing – the leader and the coach roles.

At the heart of our training programme are the 8 Core Coaching Competencies as identified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The training is accredited by ICF as a Level 1 programme. This means that upon successful completion, you will meet the training requirements for an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.


We integrate the following elements:

  • Competence framework of the ICF 8 Core Coaching Competencies – the gold standard for coaches.
  • Theory – insights from advanced coaching theory, coaching models and techniques, psychology, neuroscience and leadership.
  • How to promote a coaching culture and Growth Mindset in organisations.
  • Exercises – acquiring coaching expertise requires a lot of practice. As a participant, you learn from practising as a coach and receiving feedback. You also learn from the experience of being coached and giving Practice takes place both during the meetings and in between (peer2peer coaching).
  • Demonstrations by the trainers – learn from example.
  • Mentor coaching.
  • Reflection on the learning.

The total programme comprises 75 hours: five 2-day modules plus three hours of individual mentor coaching. It can also be split into two parts. Part 1 then consists of the first two or three modules (30 or 45 hours) and Part 2 of the additional three or two modules plus three hours of individual mentor coaching and a final performance evaluation (45 or 30 hours).

Part 1 is for participants who want to improve their coaching skills in their role as leaders or HR professionals.

Part 2 builds on Part 1 and is intended for participants who see coaching as an important component of their work and seek to develop this competence further.

Participants attending only Part 1 will receive a certificate with the number of hours of training completed. Participants who have completed the entire programme and passed the performance evaluation will receive an ICF Level 1 certificate and have fulfilled the training requirements for the ICF ACC credential.

The modules are live meetings; the individual mentor coaching sessions will be online. Location in consultation either in the organisation or in an external training venue. If, for reasons such as Covid 19, part of the modules cannot take place live, we can accommodate this online. However, it will always be synchronous meetings.

This programme can be delivered in Dutch, English or German.

Target participants:

  • Leaders who want to expand their repertoire of coaching skills;
  • HR and MD professionals;
  • Internal coaches.

We expect participants to be willing to open up and bring in their own coaching questions on which their fellow participants can coach them.


For more detailed information about this programme or a possible ICF credential, please contact us.