Mentor coaching and supervision

To further develop as a coach or to discuss questions and dilemmas from your coaching practice. Your ICF mentor coach or supervisor will coach you and give advice where appropriate. “Craftsmanship is mastery” also applies to coaching.

Mentor coaching is specifically intended for the further development of coaching competencies. Often, mentor coaching is focused on preparing for an ICF credential.

Supervision has a broader scope. Here, you can bring your questions and dilemmas which you encounter in your work as a coach.

Mentor coaching and supervision can both take place individually and in groups. Groups are no larger than 6 people. Available languages: Dutch, English, German.

We are included in the ICF mentor coach registry.


  • Coaches who require mentor coaching in the context of obtaining their ICF credential (for ACC, PCC or MCC);
  • Certified coaches who want to achieve CCEUs with mentor coaching or supervision;
  • Coaches who want to continue to grow in their profession and become more masterful.

If you are interested and would like to discuss the options, please contact us.