In-company training “Coaching in the Corporate Context”

A training programme specifically designed for organizational leaders and internal coaches.

Building effective co-operation in teams and organizations requires both leadership and coaching. More and more companies see the value of developing a coaching culture in the organization. They want to deploy their internal coaches in the most effective way. At the same time, they want their executives and managers to have good coaching skills. Acquiring these skills allows them – within established company policies – to unleash the talents of their employees, to optimize their processes and thus, to realize the organizational goals.

Coaching is a profession with clearly identified theoretical foundations, specific competencies and a precise professional attitude. Also for internal coaches, it is vital to learn these and to truly coach.

In the course of this learning path, many questions crop up. What is coaching and what is advice? How does one know which of the two is appropriate? How to manage the interests of the person you coach, as well as the interests of all the stakeholders in the organization? The training addresses these and other questions. We work also on combining – and distinguishing – the leader and the coach roles.

At the heart of our training programme are the 8 Core Coaching Competencies as identified by ICF (the International Coaching Federation). The programme enables participants to obtain an Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) credential with ICF.


We integrate the following elements:

  • Competence framework of the ICF 8 Core Coaching Competencies – the golden standard for coaches.
  • Theory – an introduction to advanced coaching theory.
  • Exercises – acquiring coaching expertise requires a lot of practice. Participants learn from exercising as a coach and receiving feedback. They also learn from the experience of being coached and giving feedback. They practice both during the face-to-face sessions and in between.
  • Demonstration by trainers – learn from example.
  • Mentor coaching.
  • Reflections on the learning.

The total programme comprises 75 hours and consists of two parts: Level I (three 2-day face-to-face sessions, 45 hours) and Level II (two 2-day face-to-face sessions plus 3 hours individual mentor coaching, 30 hours).

Level I is for participants who want to improve their coaching skills in their role as leaders or HR professionals.

Level II builds on Level I and is intended for participants who see coaching as an important component of their work and seek to develop this competency further.

This programme as a whole meets the coach-specific training requirements for the ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential.

Target participants: 

  • Executives who want to expand their repertoire of coaching skills;
  • HR and MD professionals;
  • Internal coaches.

For more detailed information about this programme or a possible ICF certification, please contact us